GrownOut Reveals Online Referral Hiring Technology Solutions

Published By : 28 Apr 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The online referral hiring technology company, GrownOut, based in India, has introduced its unique referral hiring technology solution. This online tool based on SAAS is named ‘GrownOut’. It will assist the HR personnel across various industries to rationalize and manage the procedure for talent acquisition.

Mr. Sumit Gupta, the Co-Founder and the CEO of GrownOut stated that the response from the viewers were spectacular as they have expected. They were inquisitive and were intrigued by witnessing the path-breaking technology solution.

Referral hiring technologies will go through extensive change if the HR personnel can directly extend to the existing network of the employee and the technology, in result, can make sense of the massive network and provide the HR short-listing of candidates. 

Unlike the conventional referral hiring process, the HR does not have to rely on the employee action and will have total control over the entire process. Employees, in turn, do not need to go through the rigorous task of understanding the job description, search in their networks and social circles and share communications across multiple platforms in order to reach out to the right candidate. S/he is rewarded purely for the people he is familiar or connected to.

Once the HR or the Hiring Manager of a firm posts a job vacancy, the GrownOut taps into the existing employees’ social and professional connections across the internet and also assesses several other information available in the public domain to shortlist the potential candidates’ who are best suited for the particular job. Hence, it brings forth a very rich data of professional connections.
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