Growing Support of Government and Municipal Authorities Drive Membrane Separation Market

Published By : 14 Oct 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The demand for municipal water is growing from residential, industrial, and commercial sectors, and thus, governments across the world are investing in new water treatment plants. This in turn is expected to aid the growth of the global membrane separation market in the coming years. Water scarcity is compelling governments to reuse water through the wastewater treatment process. As wastewater may contain heavy metals, toxins, oil, greases, and viruses, it may cause waterborne diseases. As such, the membrane filtration process is being extensively used, driving the market. In addition to this, governments and municipal authorities are increasingly enforcing the implementation of environmental regulations. Adherence to these regulations are fueling the demand for membrane separation.

High Demand from Pharmaceutical Industries to Boost Membrane Separation Market

Membrane separation and its different processes are used in water, food and beverage, wastewater and process water treatment, life sciences and, pharmaceutical industries. These processes are also used for separation in petrochemical, chemical, and other manufacturing industries. Thus, the global membrane separation market is expected to witness a fast paced growth in the coming years. In addition to this, the ever growing population will also be responsible for the growth of the market. 

Other Water Cleaning Processes to Pose Challenge for Membrane Separation Market

A wide range of alternative methods to purify water is available and this is threatening the growth of the membrane separation market. Chemicals, conventional filters, and chemical-based methods for water purification low cost alternatives that also offer convenience. These alternatives provide improved quality of municipal water supply, and thus, industrial end-users refrain from using the membrane separation technology. This acts as a restraint for the global membrane market since the industrial sector is one of the key end-users of the industry.

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