Growing Demand from Developing Nations to Boost Global UHT Milk Market

Published By : 19 Feb 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The inadequate cold chain infrastructure and the rising population across developing nations are boosting the market for UHT milk. Globally, the European countries have been at the forefront of the UHT milk market owing to their seldom shopping habits, since it is possible to store UHT milk for a longer period of time. The demand for UHT milk has been also increasing from Asian countries such as China due to its rapidly growing population and increasing urbanization. As per the recently conducted market surveys, the UHT milk consumption accounts for over 70% of the overall milk consumption in the country. Growing demand for UHT milk is also witnessed in Australia. 

Changing Dietary Preference of Consumers Boost Global UHT Milk Market

New dietary trends adopted by an increasing number of consumers are providing a new dimension to the market for UHT milk. The industry sees lucrative prospects for growth in school milk programs funded by governments and sportspersons from around the world. Furthermore, with growing number of office-goers preferring milk consumption on the go, the global market for UHT milk is likely to gain substantial impetus in the forthcoming years. 

UHT Milk Market Sees Lucrative Potentials in South Africa

The UHT milk market in developing nations such as South Africa is primarily driven by its increasing demand from all classes of consumers and the ability of companies operating in the UHT milk market to offer their products at a stable retail price. Generally the companies distribute UHT milk through supermarkets and hypermarkets. However, in the last few years the preference of small retail formats such as independent retailers and convenience stores is also increase among companies to make UHT milk available to the consumers and increase their sales. 

While the future prospects for the global UHT milk market seem impressive, the emergence of powdered milk market is posing a critical challenge in front of the former. Nevertheless, high growth rates exhibited in South Africa and other developing countries hold lucrative opportunities for the UHT milk market to grow in the near future. 

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