Growing Demand for Alternative Sources of Energy Driving Concentrated Solar Power Market

Published By : 11 Apr 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The solar energy sector is projected to witness significant impetus in the coming years owing to the surge in demand for energy from non-conventional sources. There are two distinct ways in which solar energy can be used to generate electricity. One of these is with the use of solar concentrators and the other is with the use of photovoltaic systems. In both the techniques, the approach of converting solar energy into usable electricity is basically the same.

After fully understanding the growing significance of producing energy from renewable sources, a number of countries around the world have been going solar. This means that an increasing number of commercial buildings as well as homes will likely have solar panels fixed on their roofs.

Why is Concentrated Solar Power So Unique?

Concentrated solar power is the technology of using the energy from the Sun to provide electricity to hundreds and thousands of buildings, even during the night or when the skies are overcast. One of the most unique characteristics of concentrated solar power is that the technology can produce electricity on demand if used with thermal energy storage. In addition to this, if deployed with thermal energy storage, concentrated solar power allows other renewable energy sources such as wind and solar photovoltaic to be used and to provide variable or intermittent generation of electricity.

Global Warming and its Impact on the Demand for Concentrated Solar Power 

The increasing awareness about global warming, in addition to the escalating concerns related to carbon emissions from power stations that produce electricity from fossil fuel, has forced policy makers as well as industries to focus on alternative and renewable sources of energy. Governments of different countries have also begun adopting the necessary measures to curb greenhouse gas emissions. The exploration of alternative sources of energy has been identified as one of the leading steps taken towards reducing carbon footprint. 

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