Great Potential are Expected in China and India From Private College Counseling Companies

Published By : 29 May 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

In the recent years, the use of private companies for the purpose of college counseling has grown tremendously, especially in India and China. In these countries, admission to study in the American universities has become very much competitive. UChicago, which is presently ranked in the fourth position in World & News Report of the U.S, and is considered as one of the top colleges. All these companies are giving their assurance to increase the chances of students of being admitted in this college.

A fourth-year student in the college Nikita Sachdeva gave her valuable comments on the current trend of tremendous growth in the college counseling industry of India. She stated that the supply of the mentioned services in India has risen phenomenally in the recent past. 

She said that during her application, there were only very few maybe two or three companies, which took care of all these things; however, now the number have rose significantly. She added that she knows a lot of people who did took their graduation degrees from the U.S. universities and further returned to India and proceeded to start a company similar to this. 

A second-year student from China, Lily Xu made use of one of the several companies of college counseling in Beijing while she was applying for some colleges in America. 

She informed that during the summer before she completed her last year of the high school, Xu had participated in a three-week long college tour run by one such company, which brought several students across varied high schools from the Beijing region and took them for a visit to colleges such as UChicago. In this visit, Lily Xu had a great opportunity to interact with the current students, admissions officers, and professors of the college. In the later part of the year, the company aided her with some brain-storming ideas for essays and helped in preparing for interviews.
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