Government of China Urges People to Seek Medical Aid from Local Healthcare Bodies

Published By : 14 Sep 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

A few days ago, the Chinese State Council stated that it would soon be asking patients to go to local medical service providers. This council wants patients in China to seek medical aid from domestic healthcare bodies since the main aim of the institution is to bring down the burden that exists on the overall healthcare system in China. The burden exists in terms of the widening gap between rural and urban healthcare services. This means that there are large groups of people who have to necessarily travel to the cities in China in order to receive medical treatment. 

The Chinese government hopes that by 2017, people suffering from major illnesses will be able to receive medical treatment in their own area. The State Council also stated that it is taking steps towards improving the access to healthcare and also reduce the healthcare fees. Any sort of healthcare reform that will be implemented in China is likely to bring down the steep costs of healthcare that the masses often have to witness while seeking medical care. Most people in China save funds in order to receive medical aid. People save money for a “rainy day” when members in their families fall ill and require immediate medical attention. 

Such a step is being taken by the authorities as a measure for attracting firms and investors who bet several millions of dollars in the China market that is gradually opening up. This market, by 2020, is anticipated to reach US$1.3 trillion. The government is also trying its level best to provide medical treatment to people in China wherever they are located. Amidst such efforts, the government is also witnessing major bottlenecks while trying to bring about positive changes in the flawed medical care system that exists at present. 

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