Government Initiatives are Boosting the Demand for Patient Registry Software in the Global Market

Published By : 21 Dec 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Patient registry software is one of the most organized system used by most of the healthcare institutions. The rising adoption of this software is need of the hour, as they help tremendously in the collection of data for clinical, scientific, and policy purposes. Registries are also used to determine the safety of devices and drugs. Moreover, it is one of the best systems to keep a track of the natural history and the effects of treatment and therapies. Enhanced chart legibility, easy disease management, and rising revenue from coding are some of the key reasons why healthcare institutes to family physicians are inculcating the use of this software. Governments around the world are taking initiatives for improving the management of public health. As a result, the demand for patient registry software is witnessing healthy growth. People around the world are becoming more aware of various chronic diseases and have started taking effective and accurate treatment accordingly. As a result, the adoption of patient registry software for these reasons has increased substantially in the recent years. 

The latest concept of cloud-based patient registry and Health 2.0 Social Media are expected to boost the growth of global patient registry software market in the coming years. According to this E-cloud patient registry concept, when a patient arrives in a clinic or a hospital, the registration center will feed the patient’s data in the cloud. If the patient has been to any other hospital, then it will be downloaded and updated under that name, else a new entry will be made. The use of cloud computing in the patient registry software design by making use of familiar international healthcare standard will further help in integrating different kinds of healthcare organizations even if they have an application or they want to create a new one. It also helps in reducing the complex processes of business by automating the manual processes.

The benefits of using patient registry software have forced many companies across the globe to develop this software. Increased government initiatives for population health management and disease control is another reason due to which many prominent companies are entering the global patient registry software market to enjoy the competitive advantage.

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