Government has informed the Renewable Energy Industry to Take or Leave It

Published By : 23 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The Industry Minister, Macfarlane has informed the clean energy industry that government’s latest offer on the renewable energy target is in the position of “take it or leave it”.

In a fresh round of talks with the representation for renewable energy and aluminum industries and the unions decently, the government has said that they will not budge from the target of 41,000 gig watt hours and the clean energy industry and Labor sector have replied to the government that is unacceptable.

This breakdown during the RET talks will appear to decrease the government’s chances of reaching a deal where the opposition by the end of the current week and end the drawn out saga which began previous year with the Warburton review.

During Monday, the Labor’s empowerment representation and spokesman Mark Butler stated that the opposition was not prepared at all to move a figure below in the mid to high range of 30,000 as this was the minimum possible position for the industry. He stated that they don’t know the current position of each crossbencher, but during the past they would seem based on the comments which they made and would be very difficult for the government to together cobble the votes necessary to put around 32000 giga watt hour target via the parliament.

He further stated that Labor will take a quit ambitious renewable energy policy during the next federal election. And that a target of mid to high rang of 30000 is crucial for the period between current year and 2020.
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