Government Efforts for Use of Recycled Products Drives India and Iran Metal Cans and Glass Jars Market

Published By : 10 Jun 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Across the world, metal cans and glass jars have been gaining immense popularity for packaging needs. These cans and jars are largely used to store food and beverages to preserve them and prevent contamination. The major applications of metal cans and jars are bevergaes, foods, pharmaceuticals, and others. Over the last few years, the rising awareness among consumers about the health hazards of plastic jars and cans is resulting in high demand for glass jars and metals in India and Iran.

There are several reasons that are providing impetus to the growth of the metal cans and glass jars market in Iran and India. First and foremost, changing food habits of consumers opting for packaged foods for their convenience quotient is driving the demand for metal cans and glass jars for packaging. In addition, high recyclable value of metal cans and glass jars are some othe factors augmenting the market’s growth. The top players that have a significant presence in the India and Iran metal cans and glass jars market are striving to develop innovative products with the objective to expand their consumer base in the future.

Ease of use of foods packaged in metal cans and glass jars is one of the major factors for the increased demand for these packaging products. The busy lifestyle of consumers demands ready-to-eat canned foods due to their convenience quotient. Over the last few years, India has been at the forefront of metal cans and glass jars manufacturing. 

To present growth opportunities for key market players, governments in these countries are taking initiatives for creating awareness about waste segregation and recycling. As such, these projects are expected to support the use of recycled items that can help in keeping the country clean. In India, the government has undertaken the ‘Swachh Bharat’ campaign, which not only raises awareness about cleanliness about also about use of recycled items. Moreover, several companies such as Aujan Group, ITC, and Hindustan Unilever Limited are striving to raise awareness about recycling projects, thereby presenting growth opportunities for key players that operate in thr India and Iran metal cans and glass jars market.

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