Google’s Sunroof Tool Witnessing Rising Competition

Published By : 27 Aug 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Google recently announced its news tool in the renewable energy sector – Sunroof. The Project Sunroof from Google uses the company’s 3D mapping system. This system helps homeowners to calculate the area of their rooftop. By calculating this area, the tool helps homeowners to estimate the potential of their rooftop to generate solar energy. After this, the tools puts homeowners in touch with local providers that will help homeowners to install rooftop solar PV panels.

Though this tool has gained a lot of positive appreciation, it is not that similar tools like it didn’t exist. There have been many government and non-government organizations that offer a similar calculator that helps homeowners to calculate the potential of their rooftop in terms of solar power generation. Though Google’s Sunroof tool is quite brilliant in technology, it is now receiving competition from many other firms.

Australians might have come up with a tool that might be even better than Google’s Sunroof. This tool operates in a similar way that of Google’s Sunroof. It was created by the Australian PV Institute (APVI) and it can be used without having to pay a penny. This project has launched an online device called APVI Solar Potential Tool that allows homeowners to estimate the potential for solar electricity generation using PV installed on the roofs in Australian cities.

This tool deploys 3D vegetation and buildings models, which are available in the AAM and weather data from the U.S. DoE Simulation Software Weather Data site’s page and calculates the monthly and annual incident solar radiation on a building surface and projected performance of a conventional PV system integrated into a building selected by the user.

However, just like the Project Sunroof, the Australian solar power estimator also has limitations. The APVI Tool has limited scope and currently shows data only for places which are close to the CBD of each state capital city.
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