Google’s Assistant-assisted Pixel Buds can Translate Conversations as they Happen

Published By : 05 Oct 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Google’s latest hardware event, beyond unveiling the much awaited Pixel 2

smartphones, revealed much about the tech giant’s increasing focus on hardware as a prime sales outlet. Despite Sundar Pichai’s recent statement that the future of Google is in AI, the company have held nothing back in delivering a premium smartphone in the Pixel 2 and furnishing it with a corresponding ecosystem of hardware options. One of the Pixel 2’s accompaniments are the new Pixel Buds, Google’s riposte to Apple’s AirPods.

Pixel Buds, the Headphone that can Translate

Pixel Buds are a set of wireless Bluetooth headphones that form a crucial part of the accessory panel of the Pixel 2. The Pixel Buds come with Google’s new Assistant incorporated, which means users finally have the much popular feature to use the headphone to make calls, get directions, or simply play music. The audio controls for the Pixel Buds are incorporated into the right ear bud, and includes swipe controls for volume and tap-to-play. The user simply swipes forward or backward to control the volume.

The Assistant comes into play upon touching and holding the right ear bud. Among its other features, the assistant can then use Google’s own Translate service to translate ongoing speech for the user. If the user says to Google Assistant “Help me speak French”, Google Translate will transmit the translation of the conversation either way. The service works across 40 languages at present.

The Pixel Buds are only available with the Pixel 2 smartphone right now, so expect them to be a major feature of the Pixel 2’s USP. The Buds also represent a vital milestone in the ongoing voice assistant battle between Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google’s Assistant.

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