Google to Rival Amazon in Fresh Fruit and Veggies Delivery

Published By : 09 Sep 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The biggest names in tech industry are waging war to get consumers the best quality fruits and vegetables. 

According to the latest reports, Google is gearing up to test new options to delivery fresh food and grocery items to a few selected food chains and then to the final customers via its shopping service called Google Express. The services will initially debut in San Francisco. 

An anonymous source from Google confirmed that the company is planning to expand its business into the perishable goods market by the end of this year, after having successfully offered non-perishable items through the grocery delivery partnerships that it has with Costco, Fairway, Whole Foods, and others. 

With this move, Google directly challenges Amazon who are also planning to venture in the market for perishable goods. 

Google’s latest endeavor will also pit it against well-funded startups like Postmates. Uber, and Instacart. Most of these start-ups began experimenting with delivering fresh groceries only last year. The news also indicates that even after Google’s struggle to gain traction in delivery operations, it has not yet given up its ambitions. 

Google has much at stake in trying to satisfy customers’ growing need for instant gratification. The internet giant does not overlook the possibility that customers may as well bypass its search engines for exploring and ultimately receiving products, goods, and services from competitors like Amazon. This may act as a potential revenue stream for Google. 

Alongside, the news about its plans to start fresh food delivery on Tuesday, Google also announced its plans for expanding its next-day delivery services across the Midwest, following the launch of its shopping option for home supplies, groceries, apparels, and more in the most common early adopter cities along the coast of the United States. 

Brian Elliott, the general manager of Google Express said that they aim to offer great shopping experiences with Google Express.

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