Google to Launch its Newest App – Google Pay, to Supersede Android Pay

Published By : 21 Feb 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

According to the latest tech news, Google is finally getting all its various payment tools under a single brand. And they plan to name it simply as Google Pay.

Payments Made Simple by Google

In January, reports of Google announcing the launch of their own payment tool had already reached media agencies all over the globe. Google Pay will also be launched for Android, where an update being rolled out for Android Pay. This is mainly because of an initial scenario where Android pay was supposed to stay with phones running with this operating system.

However, this picture is soon expected to change with Google Pay now taking over the mantle of all a prime payment tool. Several new functions will be introduced after Google rolls out its update for Android, wherein the updates are expected to bring in Google Pay flavors. By doing this, Google hopes to make its payment service unique and user-friendly, from the perspective of physical stores as well as on the Internet.

Additionally, Google is also announcing the launch of its Google Wallet redesigned app, which can allow sending and requesting money, thus gaining the name Google Pay Send. People residing in the U.S. and U.K. also expected to get their hands on the Google Pay app quite soon enough. New users have the opportunity to download the Google Pay app starting from today, whereas existing Android pay users can get updates in the next few days.

If looked at it in detail, the Google Pay app is a redesign of the Android Pay app, wherein the interface depicts the familiar appearance of simple yet effective designs developed by Google, as per their Material Design guidelines. Google Pay home screen also shows relevant stores around a user’s location, where app is suitable for carrying out transactions. This experience is personalized, depending on previous stores that were visited by the user.

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