Google to Disable App that Exchanges User Data with Gift Cards

Published By : 31 Jan 2019 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

After a recent report published by an American online technology news portal, the social networking giant Facebook is in a difficult situation. Facebook is accused of paying $20 per month to its users for downloading an app. This app collects troves of data from users’ phones. Following this, the same news publisher has revealed Google has also been running a data collection app since 2012, Screenwise Meter. Google’s app allows users to earn gift cards if they give access to their data and traffic. Between the two, Google has been more transparent about its data collection activity. However, it has been clearly violating the Apple's Enterprise Developer Program policy. Following the outbreak, Google admitted for its act, and said it will disable the app on iOS. 

More Insights on Google’s Data Collection App

Functionality-wise, Screenwise Meter app offers its user a "guest mode" to temporarily pause the data collection process. This feature comes handy when someone younger than 13 years uses the device. Google admitted its wrongdoing and said it will deactivate its app on iOS. The Google Spokesperson said that the app is entirely voluntary and it has always been that way. They added that they always have been transparent about the way the app works. They use the user’s data in the app, and they don’t have access to their encrypted data on devices and in apps. The user has a choice to opt out of the program at any time.

On another note, Apple has not commented if Google will be prohibited from internal apps that leverage iOS enterprise certificates.

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