Google to Assist NASA in the Analysis of Data from Kepler Spacecraft

Published By : 11 Dec 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

In a recent announcement, the US space agency, NASA has revealed that it has made a major breakthrough with the data obtained from Kepler space telescope which is in the mission of hunting new exoplanets across the universe. NASA has hinted at the assistance of Google’s Artificial Intelligence in this achievement.

Kepler Space Telescope Could Reveal about the Discovery of a New Exoplanet

The machine learning algorithms of Google has been used for this discovery and it is this approach to artificial intelligence that is regarded as a pioneering application worldwide in the said field. The net-based service that is neutral in nature assists machines in the processing of information and extraction of their very own findings and eventually gaining an understanding from the results.

NASA has called for a teleconference on coming Thursday and is expected to live stream the news on NASA Live. The space agency has hailed Google’s Artificial Intelligence as the key to their success in these findings.

Kepler Space Telescope has been moving around in our part of the Milky Way. It furnishes the scientists at the NASA with information about numerous small planets that are present in the galaxy and those that could possibly host life or have environment and climate suitable for the presence and survival of life forms. So far, Kepler has helped NASA with many of its discoveries.

Christopher Shallue, senior software engineer of Google Artificial Intelligence team in California, will be present at the event as the discovery has been triggered by the vast data processing capabilities of Google’s Artificial Intelligence.

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