Google Takes a Step Forward in Smart Display Technology

Published By : 11 Jan 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Smart display platforms are gradually becoming an important standpoint for technology companies. Amazon and Google have been tussling to establish the superiority of their respective products, especially Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. In a similar bid to enhance the prospects of its market, google introduced its smart display platform with a ‘Hey Google’ window. It would be interesting to see the progress of the new platform that would make the user interface more interactive for users. Google launched the new technology at the International Consumer Electronic Show (CES), 2018.

Smartphone Technology Conquered by Smart Displays

The advent of virtual assistants in smartphones and their ability to control a range of home appliances has revolutionized smart displays. Google’s smart display will enable users to view Google photos and YouTube videos, maintain a schedule of appointments, make video calls, navigate locations, and operate connected lights. Google Assistant speakers will initially be produced by Lenovo, Sony, LG, and JBL and would encompass a new screen. Of these four players, Lenovo has already announced its smart display that would have two models, one with an 8-inch display screen and the other with 10 inches of screen space. The prices of these models were also revealed by Lenovo with the former priced at $199.99 and the latter at $249.99.

Google Liaises with Key Market Players

As a strategic business move, Google has tied up with several players who have readied to produce google assistant speakers. Some of these companies include Bang and Olufsen, KG, Lenovo, Sony, and Knit Audio. 

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