Google Starves Fire TV, Echo Show Users for YouTube in Latest Feud with Amazon

Published By : 06 Dec 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Google has pulled the plug on YouTube for Amazon’s Fire TV and Echo Show devices. The discord between the companies started with Amazon’s refusal to carry certain products from Google. The search engine’s own offerings, viz. Google Chromecast and Home, would not be sold by the online retailer, said Google in pulling the YouTube support. Google’s parent company, Alphabet could also feel the heat of the disagreement between the e-commerce giant and the search company as certain products from Nest have been removed by Amazon from its online shops. Nest is one of the companies listed under Alphabet.

Amazon Reportedly Uses Hacked YouTube Version Blocking Google’s Ad Revenue

In a Tuesday email, Google had said that it has no longer been supporting YouTube on Fire TV and Echo Show, given the lack of reciprocity with Amazon. Google’s feud with the e-commerce company has been reaching customers’ living rooms as it stopped YouTube support for Echo Show yesterday. On January 1, 2018, Fire TV would no longer be able to play YouTube videos for its users. In response, Amazon labeled Google’s move as “a disappointing precedent” where the company has selectively held back customer access to an open website, i.e. YouTube.

However, a workaround could be implemented by Fire TV and Echo Home to display the web-based version of the video-sharing website. YouTube had been briefly pulled from Echo Show in September as Google claimed a broken user experience on the part of Amazon’s video streaming service. In the same email, Google has complained about the Prime Video service not available for Google Cast users.

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