Google Runs into Opposition on Automotive Front

Published By : 22 Dec 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Google is firmly on its way to becoming a global know-it-all, striking up collaborations and carrying out takeovers with disparate enterprises in order to establish its global information empire. However, it appears the German automotive industry is one fiefdom that won’t allow Google’s knights to run the rule over its subjects.

Google is in talks with carmakers such as Mercedes and Audi over setting up an integrated car control unit on their Android operating system. In theory, an Android app developed in conjunction with Audi will be able to ‘talk’ to the car. This would allow the driver to control basic functions of the car such as the volume, air conditioning, etc. While the German car giants welcome this level of integration, what they fiercely oppose is a system that could, even in theory, ‘control’ a car to the same level as the Android system controls a phone.

If Google’s integrated system is too intrusive, it would allow the tech giant to obtain sensitive data about a car’s behavior or how it responds to the driver input. In times where computers control everything from a car’s engine response to its suspension, the loss of this vital data would be fatal to car manufacturers.

In a representative statement, Audi CEO Rupert Stadler made it clear that the data collected by the car’s computers strictly belongs to the car company and no third party. The CEOs of both Daimler and Volkswagen have also made comments to similar effect. What’s more, the German government has now jumped into the ring, defending the rights of one of the country’s most famous and productive industries.

Google’s representatives refused to comment on the newfound political opposition and declined to set a timeline on their ‘Android Car’ project.
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