Google Rules out Use of Artificial Intelligence in Weapons

Published By : 08 Jun 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

In an announcement on Thursday, Alphabet Inc.’s Google announced it would not let its artificial intelligence (AI) software to be used in weapons or unfeasible surveillance efforts. This is as per the new standard created for taking business decisions in the still emerging field.

With this announcement, Google expects to calm down a month-long protest by employees against the company for helping out the U.S. military to uncover objects shown in a drone video.

Google Would Still Collaborate with Government in Other Areas

According to a blog by Sundar Pichai, Google will now look for government contracts in areas such as military search and rescue, recruitment, and cybersecurity. So while the company may nit leverage AI for building weapons, it would continue collaborating with the government in military and other areas.

With advanced computers getting more effective and less costly, AI is no longer restricted to research labs. It is now used in health and defense departments too. And Google and other tech giants have emerged as main suppliers of AI tools. Those allow computers to scan massive datasets to uncover trends and patterns and make predictions. They also help to spot anomalies.

However, the leveraging of AI to unravel drone strikes much more adeptly than military specialists or fish out dissidents from online communications has ignited concerns among people, including google employees.

Over 4,600 employees of Google petitioned it to revoke the deal as fast as possible. 13 of its employees even resigned out of concern.

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