Google Rolls Out Second App in Difficult China Market

Published By : 31 May 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

For Google, China has proved to be a difficult market. This is because of most of its products being banned in the region. However, Google has found a new product to crack the market - a file managing tool.

Wholly owned by parent company Alphabet, Google’s file management tool is particularly targeted at the China market. This China-specific version is known as “Files Go.” It is a tool for managing storage in smartphones.  

The app has a relatively smaller number of users in comparison to the software giant’s flagship search and app store products. It is the first it has launched on third-party app stores in China. Those include the ones hosted by Xiaomi Technologies, Baidu Inc., and Huawei Culture Co Ltd.

Regulators in China Blocked Many of the Products of the Company in Past

China has almost been like a black hole on Google’s global map on account of the regulators of the nation banning the products of the company since 2010. This is because the MNC refused to censor its results as per local regulations.

So far, the search engine of Google, its flagship product, along with its app store, cloud storage services, and email has been banned in China.

Cyber regulators in China say that foreign media and internet platforms are usually blocked if they are seen to be opposing the socialist ideas.

Despite such headwinds, Google has been making efforts to grow its operation in China. To that end, it has launched an artificial intelligence research hub in Beijing. However, when it comes to consumer products, strict censorship has dealt a blow to its ambitions of flourishing in the nation.

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