Google Plans to Gain from Product Purchases Made by Using its Search Platform

Published By : 19 Mar 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Google fields products from a number of shoppers across the world on a daily basis. Now, it wants to gain monetarily from their purchases, too. The world’s largest search engine is partnering with various retailers, such as Costco Wholesale, Target, Home Depot, Walmart, and Ulta Beauty, who can list their offerings on Google Search, Google Express shopping service, and the Google Assistant on mobile phones and other voice devices.

Hitherto, the retailers have been paying the IT giant a cut of their each purchase in exchange for Google’s listings and linking to the retailer’s loyalty programs, apart from the payments that retailers make for gain ad spots on Google platforms. The Google’s pitch to these companies is a better chance for influencing the purchasing decisions of the shopper, a move that is expected to assist them in competing with the rival, Amazon. Google anticipates that the program will assist retailers in capturing more purchases on mobile phones, desktops, smart home devices, equipped with voice search, the next frontline for e-commerce ecosystem.

The previous unreported initiative sprang from the observation of Google, according to which tens of millions of customers were sending image searches of the products, asking ‘where can they buy them?’, ‘where can they find them?, ‘how can they buy them?’, or ‘How do they make the transaction?’ Daniel Alegre, the president for retail and shopping at Google, stated in an interview to Reuters. “Over the last two years, mobile searches, enquiring about ‘where to purchase products from?’ escalated by 85%,” added Alegre.

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