Google Photos Likely to Have Good News for Nexus Users

Published By : 30 May 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

For those using a Nexus device, Google’s latest announcement is likely going to be music to their ears: 4K video storage for free and unlimited uncompressed photo storage. Sources at Android Police have revealed that the most updated version of Google’s free photo sharing application contains certain text within the .apk file that hints at the fact those using Nexus devices will not be restricted to 1080p and 16 megapixel video uploads before the media on their device is automatically downsized. 

Current Restrictions for Google Photos

For those who want to upload high resolution video or images in their original quality presently have to pay a tariff of US$ 9.99 for 1 tera bite (TB) per month in case they surpass the 15 giga bite (GB) free storage facility on Google’s paid storage plans. Given that the present lot of Nexus device users click pictures at 12 megapixels, the 16 megapixel limit by Google is more than sufficient for most people using this service. As a result, the images taken by the built-in camera are not as affected by the limitations. 

What the Latest Update Means for Photo and Video Storage 

Thanks to the latest update, however, it seems that Nexus users will soon be exempted from the aforementioned tariff. The text hidden within the .apk file suggests that one day, Nexus users will be able to enjoy unrestricted free storage for videos and photos of original quality. By removing the 1080 limit for video means that now even 4K videos will be able to be backed up online. 

Despite the fact that there has been no confirmation of this functionality by Google, there is a strong hunch that for the loyal customers of Google, the company does have some preferential treatment in the books. Apart from this, it seems like Google also has increasingly ambitious plans for the low key Nexus device range in the coming years.

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