Google Pay Gets Highly Anticipated Updates, To Make Payments Easier

Published By : 11 May 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Google Pay witnessed a large update at the Google I/O which was conducted in this week. These changes are expected to highly revolutionize the way payments are made through the app that belongs to this tech giant.

More Details about Google Pay Upgrades

Google announced the series of changes to its payments platform, which incidentally underwent rebranding from Android Pay. Some of the Google Pay’s expansions were announced previously, i.e. before even the Google I/O event took place. The peer-to-peer payments addition is a key change being made to the Google Pay app in U.S. and the U.K. The transaction history of these payments, coupled with other payments made by the users will be consolidated into a single program.

According to Gerardo Capiel, the Product Management Lead at Google Play, the upcoming updates will help users manage every payment method controlled by the user under a single Google account. The company will also provide users a holistic view of all their transactions, whether they are made on YouTube, Google Play, or also with third-part merchants such as Uber. This holistic view will also showcase transactions made by users with their families and friends through the updated peer-to-peer service.

Thus, the Google play peer-to-peer update brings all payments under a single roof. Apart from sending and requesting for money, the information about payment managements can also be linked by users to their Google accounts. The transaction history of every payment carried out by users can also be easily accessed for referencing and archival purposes.

Apart from this, the tech giant also has launched new APIs for Google Pay, and incorporated them into other third-party apps. This is expected to drastically improve the speed of payment made by users, who already have their payment data stored in Google Play. Lastly, online payments enabled in every existing browser is another upgrade that is soon expected to be part of Google Pay.

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