Google One Will Be Launched with New Storage Plans & Revamped Charges

Published By : 15 May 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Google announced today that it will be launching its new Google One storage system, wherein it is revamping its consumer storage plans. This is expected to be highly lucrative for the company, and is projected to attract more users.

More Information about Google’s Storage Plan

The new system includes addition of a new plan for US$2.99 per month for 200 GB of storage space. The tech giant has also dropped the price of its 2TB per month plan which now costs US$9.99 from the earlier price of US$19.99. Consequently, the old 1 TB plan that cost $9.99/month has now been scrapped entirely. Besides these features, the already existing free quota of 15 GB will remain as it is.

Apart from changes in the above two plans mentioned above, other schemes have been left untouched. Google has also enabled a user to share his/her storage quota with up to five family members. However, only time can tell how efficient and practical this might be, as these days maxing out 100 GB storage with 4K videos and high resolution images is quite easy. A new feature has been added that explains the new brand name. This feature involves a one-tap access to Google Experts for help needed for understanding information about any other Google consumer product or service.

This access is available with every Google One plan, even with the US$1.99 per month of 100 GB plan. In the United States, the experts will be available through all 24 hours, and for all days of the week on chat, email, and phone. In other countries, the extent of support may vary, but mostly is expected to remain similar to the one received in the States. Google is expected to improve its one tap support extensively over the course of forthcoming years. This is the first that the company is offering live support for regular non business users and consumers.

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