Google, Mozilla, and Others Form Alliance to Make New Photo Format

Published By : 22 Jan 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Mozilla, Google, and several others have formed a group called the Alliance for Open Media, whose main aim is to make a revolutionary photo technology. Using this technology, the group wants to create highly clear images, even better than those captured by using Apple’s HEIC photo format.

New Image Technology to Change How we look at Pictures and Videos

According to Tim Terriberry, a research engineer from Mozilla, after conducting a series of tests, the images received through the new format called AV1 are at least fifteen percent smaller as compared to the photos taken by Apple’s HEIC photo format. But, smaller sizes is not the only key characteristic of this format.

According to Kelly Thompson who the general manager at 500x, which is a photo sharing and sales site, says that compression technology that dates back at least 20 years is still being used. With so much development that has occurred in the last few years, the equipment used in current times exceeds the JPEG format’s upper limits to be properly displayed. With the help of the new photo format, pictures are predicted to get better with more clarity. This is because, JPEG not just has large sizes, but also does not depict a certain range of color tones. These aspects are highly required when it comes to clicking panoramas, 3D pictures, and even burst mode pictures with low light exposures.

The Alliance for Open Media also aims to use this technology in order to make videos that come out with a high detailed quality. It is also expected for the AV1 photos to become a worthy and capable successor format as compared to WebP, which was made by Google, in order to improve the speed of websites with images that are substantially smaller than JPEGs and PNG formats. The Alliance for Open Media also consists of several other prominent video streaming companies such as Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, and Facebook.

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