Google Maps Developer Platform to Be Revamped By the Search Engine Giant

Published By : 03 May 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Google made a major announcement today that involves providing a major update to its Maps API platform mainly for developers. This new update has also received a new name: the Google Maps Platform.

Google Maps to Shine in a New Light

The search engine giant has perhaps brought about one of the biggest updates to Google Maps, which is further expected to simplify the offers made by Google Maps developers. Changes are also expected in the context of charges made by company for providing access to the APIs. From June 11, all Google Maps developers will have a valid API key, coupled with a Google Cloud Platform billing account.

This new update also involves the company to bring together the existing eighteen individual APIs of Google Maps currently offered by the company. This combination is being made to divide the core APIs into only three prime products: Routes, Maps, and Places. And in spite these new updates, Google has promises that the existing code will work exactly as it been, and will not require any changes to be made.

Google will also make some changes to its charges associated with gaining access to the APIs. A single pricing plan is now being offered by the company, which mainly provides access to free support. For now, Google offers both a Standard and Premium plan, wherein the latter includes access to support. However, the forthcoming single plan provides developers with at least US$200 worth of free monthly usage. There also are bespoke pricing plans for enterprise parties and customers.

In today’s announcement, Google also has plans ready to launch various Maps-centric industry specific solutions. According to the Maps team, the company’s asset tracking offering helps businesses improve working efficiency by locating vehicles and assets in real-time, thereby visualizing where assets have travelled. Vehicles can be routed with complex trips through this update.

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