Google Launches New Mobile App for Its VR180 Cameras

Published By : 07 May 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Just before the highly anticipated developer conference called Google I/O set up to take place next week by Google, the search engine and tech giant has launched a new mobile app for its VR180 point-and-shoot cameras.

Launch for New Mobile for VR180 Cameras to Make Thing More Interesting

The app will enable users to view and extensively manage clips, upload photos and video content to Google Photos and YouTube, and overall organize the device properly. The app arrived at the launch of Lenovo Mirage Solo, which is the first standalone virtual reality headset that operates with Daydream and the Lenovo Mirage Camera. Both went on sale on May 4th.

Google had unveiled their new VR180 cameras that included the Mirage, along with one from Chinese manufacturer Yi, called the Horizon. The name VR180 was given with reference to the new VR format for capturing 180-degree panoramic images, which was created through a collaboration between YouTube and Google’s Daydream VR division. The cameras were launched to capture photos and videos that were breathtaking to look at, but which did not cover an entire 360 degree spectrum.

The new VR180 app works on both iOS as well as Android, and allows users to properly set up and manage the VR180 cameras from their respective devices. The app also helps users capture 180 degree VR content by using a “Live Preview” feature with the camera. Users can also transfer the files to their respective phones or cloud backup, i.e. Google Photos and YouTube. The app can also be used to carry out live streaming of a video through YouTube, according to the camera’s website. The content can be shared with friends, family, or anyone having direct connectivity with the users. The app gives information such as battery charge, storage space, and capture-based activity.

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