Google Joins Smartphone Wars with Release of Own Phone

Published By : 29 Jun 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Google is planning on stepping into the smartphone market with its own handset – a decision that is likely to strengthen its position in the mobile software department and also see it go head to head with the iPhone. 

The technology giant is in talks with several leading mobile operators regarding the release of a Google branded smartphone that will expand the firm’s capabilities into mobile hardware. 

Google has already been developing the Android OS that works in collaboration with four out of five smartphones being sold around the world. It also endorses a wide range of smartphones developed by partners such as Huawei and LG under the brand of Google Nexus. However, unlike Apple Inc., the manufacturing part is left to companies such as Samsung and Motorola, focusing only on the development of the free software that runs on those mobile phones. 

The new device is rumored to be release by the end of this year and will see the tech giant gain more control over its manufacturing, design, and software. 

Apple continues to dominate the high-end of the market, a highly lucrative share, even though Android runs on most of the smartphones that are being sold globally. The fact that Android device makers have proliferated on the past couple of years also means that these mobile device makers apply the software in different ways. This has resulted in a highly inconsistent performance of Google devices with some smartphone users waiting a long time for updates. A few manufacturers have also relegated the internet services of Google. 

By introducing its own phone Google will be able to not only control the software used but also ensure that the future of services such as Google Play app store and Google search engine is secure. 

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