Google Granted Patent for Eyeball Device to Correct Poor Vision

Published By : 28 Apr 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Making its way into the healthcare sector, technology giant Google has patented a device to correct poor vision. According to the patent dated 28 April, 2016, post the removal of natural lens from the eye’s lens capsule, the device is injected through a fluid and it couples with the lens capsule. The patented device contains various micro components such as electronic lens, sensors, storage, radio, and battery. The eyeball device receives wireless power though an “energy harvesting antenna”. The patent further describes that the external device would interface with the eyeball computer and will communicate through a radio. The required computing will be done with the help of a processor in the “interface device”. These electronic lenses are expected to help in the process of focussing light onto retina. 

Information Technology Plays a Key Role in Healthcare Industry

It is interesting to note that how Google is focussing on the healthcare sector and trying to introduce technological advancements in the sector. In 2014, the Silicon Valley giant started talking about the Google Contact Lens that measures glucose levels in tears of diabetics. To focus on life sciences, Google has created a separate division Verily under the new Alphabet organization. Currently, the Google Contact Lens is part of Verily. The development of the eyeball device is also likely to be under Verily.

The role of information technology in the healthcare sector has been gradually increasing. Advancements in technology have led to the usage of more accurate methodologies to diagnose and treat various medical conditions. While Google has already made full-fledged efforts to enter into the healthcare sector with its inventions, other technology firms are also following Google’s footsteps. A number of start-up firms are developing various software and medical devices for accurate diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. 

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