Google Eyeing to Invade the Telecom Space

Published By : 10 Feb 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

At first it was the online space, and then they emerged as the undisputed leaders in the online video and advertising market. Now Google is focusing its attention to telecom, and this is not an experimental gig. 

According to sources, Google is all set to introduce ultra fast internet services to 18 cities at least, including Nashville and Atlanta. As a step taken towards its endeavor, Google announced low cost pilot tests on modular smart phones. In order to upstart its telecom firms the company has associated with a dominant lobbying group. As reported by “The Information”, a news site dedicated to technology, Google is gearing up for entering the market of wireless services. 

When the pieces of information put together, it appears like Google is quite serious on its plan to invade the communication space, which in turn will have a direct affect on what consumers will have to pay for the services. Apart from this Google’s next step could also have broad implications on corporate competition and regulations that has direct effect on how Americans enjoy their technology. However, no spokesperson was available to respond on behalf of the company when contacted Google. 

Google’s telecom ambition will pit the company against some of the most prominent and largest voice and Internet providers of the industry. However, the fact that Google is not dependant on the internet service subscribers for its revenue will give the company a major advantage and will help it to push down prices in order to attract consumers. The company is ready to adopt any business strategy and practice that might be unsuitable for rival carriers operating in the market.
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