Google Chrome Strips Down Browser Extension that Obscurely Excavated Cryptocurrency

Published By : 03 Jan 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The security issues tied to the usage of various browsers have been rising in recent times because of cases of intrusion into vital data and resources. Google Chrome recently took a step forward in this regard by taking down one of its extensions that was secretly aiding in mining cryptocurrency. This process of excavating the cryptocurrency of users by intruding into their resources is known as crypto-hijacking. It leaves the users helpless because the only option to combat the hijacking is to uninstall the extension or shutout the website.

Process to Secretively Mine Cryptocurrency through Google’s Browser Extension

A recent scrutiny portrayed that the popular extension called ‘Archive Poster’ enables users on Tumblr to draft, like, and queue posts from the archive of another account. This was done by hijacking the CPUs of over 10500 users in order to secretly access their cryptocurrency. The progression of the extension was extremely unethical as it did not ask for the user’s permission before running the code and successively mining the cryptocurrency. The extension, developed by, posed a threat to millions of users across the globe and had risen concerns amongst the experts.

New Extension Raises Questions of Reliability

The outstripping of the extension is an important step to curb the unethical mining of cryptocurrency. However, adding to the uncertainty of the future, an extension called ‘‘[SAFE] Archive Poster’ has cropped up to replace the previous extension. This new extension has been offered by ‘Archive Poster’ without releasing a screenshots of how it will function. The introduction of the new blog arises questions about its safety and integrity to address the problems occurring in the previous extension.

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