Google Assistant Can Now Connect to 5000 Devices

Published By : 04 May 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Google announced an upgrade to its Google Assistant in order to make it more useful for households, commercial spaces, and even industrial longitudes. The number of devices that could be connected to Google Assistant was 1500 in January this year, and it will now be able to connect 5000 devices after the upgrade. Customers who rely on Google Assistant for a wide range of tasks would be especially benefitted with the new offering and the company will be able to increase its customer retention rate. Google has continually invested in better and more advanced devices, and hence, the new upgrade, although useful, hasn’t come as huge surprise.

New Upgrades to Google Assistant

The new version of Google Assistant is programmed to perform over a million actions in order to connect with a greater number of home devices. The Director of Smart Home Ecosystem at Google pointed to a list of home devices that can be connected with Google Assistant. The list includes ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators, doorbells, cameras, heaters, dryers, plugs, lights, washers, fans, vacuums, switches, air purifiers, security systems, AC units, sensors, thermostats, and locks. Popular security alarm brands have also been mentioned by Google, which would expand the utility of Google Assistant to smart doors, smart homes, and security cameras.

Future Developments

The new development by Google is reflective of the fact that Google takes its Assistant device very seriously. It is projected that Google would attract a larger consumer base after the new development and the company may continue to make such advances to its devices.

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