Google Assistant App Launched by the Tech Giant on iPad

Published By : 14 Mar 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Google finally announced the launch of its Google Assistant service on iPad, which enables customers to manage several day-to-day tasks. This assistant was first launched on iOS at Google I/O on 2017.

More Details about Google Assistant

Google Assistant aims at providing a streamlined experience to users with respect to making calls, setting reminders, sending texts, setting alarms, and several other actions. All of these can be carried out through settings in respective Apple tablets operated by the users. This assistant earlier was visible in several Android devices, particularly in Google’s Pixel phones. However, the app was only available in English in those devices.

Currently, several updates have been made in the app, and it now features a plethora of languages such as Italian, German, Portuguese (Brazil), Japanese, French, and Spanish, apart from English. The app running on iPad provides a similar experience as compared to the one received on the iPhone. The only difference between both involves viewing the app on a larger screen in case of the former, along with features such as multitasking with a split screen.

In recent times, virtual assistants have been the biggest talk in town due to several of these being released in the past few years. Thus Google Assistant certainly has top rivals in the form of Amazon Echo, Apple’s HomePod, Siri, and others. The onus lies on Google to now make the app work on different operating systems, hardware, and devices, besides the iPad. Rather, the iPad has mostly receive prior attention regarding new launches in recent times.

The Google Assistant will carry out an assortment of tasks for users. For example, if there is a need to call a friend, the information will be picked up from the iOS Address Book, after you authorize it to do so. Navigation, answering questions, casting to TV, and controlling smart home devices is also possible with Google Assistant.

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