Google Acquires Cask Data for Upgrading its Data Analytics and Cloud Services

Published By : 17 May 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

With cloud computing playing a highly crucial role in almost every networking process, most tech giants are pulling up their socks, in order to develop their cloud services. And Google’s acquisition of Cast Data is a latest example of a company who is competing against its rivals for making a mark in the field of cloud computing.

More Information about Google’s Latest Acquisition

The company bought Cask Data, which is a Palo Alto startup that provided building solutions to run big data analytics based on Hadoop. The news of this acquisition spread in less than a week after Google had bought Velostrata, an Israel-based startup that helps businesses migrate and run data, IT functions, apps and various other processes in the cloud computing domain.

Cast Data’s acquisition was made public mainly by the company’s co-founders, Jonathan Gray and Nitin Mogi, through a blog post on May 14. This post also confirmed that the company would continue supporting existing customers and products. The Cask Data Application Platform (CDAP), which makes buildings and running big data solutions quite simple for customers, will continue to provide services to users.

Although CDAP was a prime product developed by Cask, Google is expected to continue keeping it open source, as per a statement from the company confirming the deal its blog post. According to William Vambenepe, the group product manager for Google Cloud, Google is highly thrilled to welcome the talented Cask team to Google Cloud. Both companies are reportedly excited to work together, and make developers become more productive by using required data processing services in cloud as well as on-premise sectors. Regarding the financial scenario, the details are not be disclosed yet. For a company like Google, participating in acquisitions like the one involving Cask Data, is expected to be highly advantageous for their growth.

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