Goodyear Unveils New Tires for Electric Car

Published By : 09 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Goodyear has been working on a new technology for tires to be fitted in electric cars. The technology will allow the car battery to get recharged through tire heat and friction. The new tire, BH-03 will offer a solution to several problems such related to short journeys in such cars.

The tire was showcased at the 2015 Geneva International Motor Show. It promises a quick recharging, allowing the car to get charged up while parked for a slightly longer journey. Goodyear has not pointed at any partners, but rumor has it that Volkswagen, BMW, and Tesla Motors might be interested.

A factor inhibiting the sale of electric cars is their inability of long travels as the batteries dies. This problem is coupled by rare recharging stations on the roads. The new technology by Goodyear addresses both these problems as the car can get recharged while it is parked on the street.

However, the tire will only be of use in warm weather countries as it will allow the tire to get heated up. Though driving will cause friction it cannot be said how much energy this friction will produce. 

At the show Goodyear also showcased its 'Triple Tube' tire which has the ability to deal and adjust the tire inflation while on the go. This eliminates the requirement of multiple tires when driving in multi-terrains. 

Joe Zekoski, senior vice president and chief technical officer at Goodyear stated that these tires are a concept for now, but they will challenge the role of tires in the coming future.
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