Good News for iOS Users with introduction of Facebook Lite Messenger

Published By : 11 Oct 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The American online social networking service company Facebook that was launched in 2004 is advancing with time and launching new and upgraded software programs in order to remain an integral application for today’s generation. Competition is very fierce with more social networking applications coming into the picture such as those of Snapchat and Instagram. Facebook messenger or Facebook chat, as it was known earlier in 2008 has recently stated that it will soon launch a new upgrade under which users will get access to utilize their vocal power to send messages via mere dictations. Not only this, it will also enable them to make reminders and initiate calls with the help of mere voice.

The messenger for Android phones unveiled a new M assistant button on the top of the message thread screen which can be activated to listen to voice commands for those features. With the introduction of voice control, messenger app can become more accessible for those who are visually impaired. The app will make it easy for users on an international level to listen to and send messages in their native language, which are usually very difficult to type.

New Strategies to bring Wonders in Facebook Lite Messenger

Earlier in 2016, Facebook had launched Facebook Lite app but the key problem was that it was accessible for Android phones users. To overcome this, 2018 has brought back Facebook Lite app with new accessibility for iOS users too. Facebook app is about the size of 140MB, while the Facebook Lite app is the size of just 10MB in application store. However, the same app for iOS is about the size of 16.3 MB. However, the fact that this facility is only applicable in Turkey is heartbreaking for iPhone users in the rest of the world.

As a part of the ALOHA voice assistant, Facebook Messenger was earlier observed as speech testing for transcription. This was supposed to be a part of upcoming video portal in the chat screen device.

It is anticipated that just like Facebook, Instagram is soon to launch the video calling system upgrade since research and development is still in process as of now. Facebook Application is making users await for more fun ways in the years to come.

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