Golf-Specific A Must Buy If You Are a Golf-Lover

Published By : 23 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Owner of Golf Headquarters, Mike Schuchmann, feels that for a average Joe or who plays golf once in a summer can think of wearing tennis shoes and going to the golf course; however, for a avid golf player one must go for golf-specific shoes for many reasons.

He further says that around 90-95% of people who are regular golf players wear these golf-specific shoes as if you are wearing tennis shoes or any other kind of shoes to play golf, the chemicals on the golf course if they are wet will surely trash the shoes. Moreover, the spikes that are on the tennis shoes will surely slip you off at any point.

On the other hand, if you are wearing the golf specific shoes, which has two year waterproof warranties and the design of the shoes will help in keeping your feet dry. There are very few options for golf players when they want to replace their shoes. 

Amongst all the new trends, shoes are considered as the best casual wear. Some of the leading companies which are Adidas, Ecco, and Footjoy have substituted the scorpion spike with something which is called as nubbins. 

Schuchmann further told that Ecco is the first company to do that. The shoes have kind of flat sole which gives a lot of comfort and weighs lighter, owing to all this the shoes are very easier to walk around in. In the previous year, Footjoy has come a long way with a lot of innovations with its Footjoy DNA and Hyper Flex brand.

For the laid-back golfer, a quick check around in the area businesses which sell golf equipments in the Cedar Valley shows that the golf sandal is still on the market.
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