Global WaaS Market Receives Impetus from Increased Adoption to Address BYOD Concerns

Published By : 27 May 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Workspace-as-a-service (WaaS) involves a group of services that provides users with a virtual workspace. These services are mostly used by companies that offer its employees access to business data and applications using any compatible device of their choice irrespective of time and location. Over the last few years, desktop virtualization has become mainstream due to the rapidly changing work practices and business environment.

WaaS is considered to be an amalgamation of desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) and desktop applications, wherein the desktop applications as a service is regarded as the cloud delivery of applications for end user devices. DaaS is the public or private cloud delivery of virtual desktops for the users.

WaaS is often considered to be an apt solution for BYOD related issues. Though the growth of the BYOD trend has been beneficial substantially both for the employees and the employer; however, it has created numerous worries for Chief Information Officers (CIOs). They need to manage the disorderly IT environment and further look into managing the increasing number of mobile devices along with security to an extensive and impatient workforce. Thus, security remains the major issue in the BYOD scenario due to the increased remote working of the workforce.

The several access points to the corporate network are related to cause security concerns; however, if combined with WaaS or a virtual desktop environment, it is expected to be easier in terms of management and security for the vast end users with the help of integrated management tools.

WaaS is relatively new that is being brought into practice by diverse industries such as government, travel and hospitality, manufacturing, IT and telecommunications, education, retail, and BFSI. With the increasing demand for application-specific solution, it has positively affected the progression of the global market for WaaS. This has resulted in increasing customization and increased service revenues. Enterprises across diverse business sectors are purchasing workspace technology and solutions for the efficiency advantage that they provide.

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