Global Telecom Market is Set to Witness a Golden Period in 2016

Published By : 12 Jan 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The global telecom market is all set to experience a phenomenal year in 2016. Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, M2M, and the gigantic Internet-of-Things will set the theme for the sprawling telecom industry across the globe. However, 2016 will see big, small, and medium-sized telecom companies focus on achieving better consumer retention, improving quality of services, and turn the tragedy of dwindling revenues into a lucrative opportunity by changing the face of mobile and fixed broadband infrastructure. Analysts predict, 4G LTE deployment will be the reigning trend this year across the world.

Several operators in developing countries and emerging economies will aim towards building a mobile infrastructure that will cater to cheaper smartphones. This trend will underline the growth of telecom sector in emerging markets of Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Middle East as a huge population base continues to opt for cheaper models but with better facilities.

Africa and Latin America will Show Huge Demand for Mobile Data

Africa will witness a magnificent growth in terms of use and data traffic of mobile broadband due to supporting factors and conducive environment for investors. Furthermore, Latin America is also ready to take on more network investment as demand for improved mobile data has crossed expected figures. Additionally, a rough estimate suggests that over 3 million mobile phone users of Asia are also changing the scenario mobile data and wireless broadband services in the region. 

Developed Regions of the U.S. and Europe to Witness Slow Progress

The developed telecom markets such as the U.S., though shows signs of slowed progress, the demand for mobile data will continue to be a on the higher side. This is being complemented by the rapid development of the LTE networks and the skyrocketing sale of smartphones. Meanwhile, the European market has also reached a stage of high penetration with just about space for the growth of voice sector. However, the market in this region will be transformed by the technological advancements.

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