Global Plywood Market to be Driven by Booming Construction and Building Industry Worldwide

Published By : 19 May 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Plywood is a sheet, manufactured precisely from thin layers of wood veneer, which are further glued together with the adjacent layers to make it into one sheet. In this process, the wood grain is rotated at a 90 degrees to each other, which is known as cross-graining. Plywood stands among the widely used wood products around the world. The growing popularity of plywood can be attributed to some of its qualities such as workable, being flexible, reusable, and cost efficient. 

Plywood is used commonly as an alternative to plain wood, thanks to its resistance to shrinkage, splitting, twisting, and cracking. If compared to plain wood, plywood offers a higher degree of strength. The global market for plywood can be classified on the basis of product types into decorative plywood, tropical plywood, hardwood plywood, softwood plywood, marine plywood, flexible plywood, aircraft plywood, and others. 

Some of the vital benefits of using plywood are mentioned below:

  • It reduces the expansion and shrinkage
  • It provides improved dimensional stability
  • It aids in strengthening of the panel in all the directions
  • It diminishes the tendency of wood to break into pieces once it is nailed on the edges

The growing demand for plywood from developing economies owing to the increased building and construction activities in developing countries is one of the major factors fuelling the growth of the global plywood market in the coming years. The rising demand from the global housing market is also expected to augment the growth of the overall plywood market in the coming years. Moreover, the global plywood market is also witnessing high demand for building decks.

As a result, several players are also expected to enter the market and expand their product portfolio. Some of the leading players operating in the global plywood market are Century Plyboard (India) Ltd., Weyerhaeuser Company, Atlantic Plywood Corporation, Boise Cascade LLC, Eksons Corp. Bhd., Georgia-Pacific Corporation, Greenply Industries Ltd., Uniply Industries Ltd., and Ainsworth Lumber Co. Ltd. The players are making constant efforts to enhance the products in order to gain the competitive advantage in the market.

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