Global Personal Protective Equipment Market Set for Big Growth with New Quality Devices

Published By : 24 Feb 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Over the past few years, there have been many developments in the personal protective equipment products across the globe. With many new personal protective equipment being introduced such as eye and face protection, hearing protection, head protection, fall protection, respiratory protection, and professional footwear, the global personal protective equipment market is set to reach new heights in the years to come. 

Personal protective equipment are being constantly used across various industries such as manufacturing, construction, chemical, oil and gas, food, healthcare, and others. The growing applications of personal protective equipment across many industries are predicted to propel the global market for personal protective equipment in the next few years. 

Factors Responsible for Increasing Demand for Personal Protective Equipment

  • Increasing fraud, theft, and accidents have led to the growing use of personal protective devices. Every year, thousands of accidents are registered in various locations across the globe, some of them leading to severe injuries while some leading to even deaths. This has resulted in the growing awareness of using personal protective equipment such as helmets and face protection devices.
  • Considering the increasing accidents in chemical industries, oil and gas, and mining industries, wearing a protective gear has become mandatory. 
  • Growing number of people working in various industries such as construction, manufacturing, chemicals, and healthcare are expected to boost the demand for personal protective equipment.
  • Increasing advancements in personal protective equipment is predicted to boost the global personal protective equipment market in the next five years. 

Untapped market is predicted to create new growth opportunities in the global personal protective equipment market. Leading players in the personal protective equipment market are focusing on improving the quality of existing products. Stringent government regulations regarding wearing protective gears and equipment have boosted the demand for various personal protective devices. 

What could stop Growth of Global Personal Protective Equipment Market?

Availability of local and inexpensive personal protective devices are predicted to hamper the growth of the branded products
Automation of production process is another challenge faced by the global personal protective equipment market

Going forward, leading players in the global personal protective equipment market are expected to sign mergers and acquisitions with new entrants to boost innovations in personal protective equipment.  

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