Global Meal Replacement Products Market to Witness Rapid Growth as Consumer Demand for Easy-to-cook Meal Rises

Published By : 04 Jul 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Meal replacement has been gaining a lot of traction worldwide across the globe and is expected to create potential opportunities for the key players in this market. The hectic lifestyle of the urban population and growing number of the working women across the globe are some of the prominent factors responsible for the infrequency of the practice of cooking whole meals every day. As a result, they are opting for different choices that can be used as a replacement for the whole meal and can be prepared in very less time. In addition, the meal replacement products should have the equivalent nutritional value as well.

The global market for meal replacement products can be categorized on the basis of type into:

  • Powdered Products
  • Edible Bars
  • Drink Shakes

Furthermore, the growing consumer demand for easy-to-cook meals and options for weight-loss products are estimated to boost the demand for meal replacements products in the next few years. Thus, the global market for meal replacement products is estimated to witness a significant growth in the coming years. The rising disposable income among the consumers and rising awareness regarding healthy lifestyle are some of the others factors contributing substantially towards the growth of the global meal replacement products market.

Introduction of Innovative Products to Drive Global Meal Replacement Products Market

The growing demand for meal replacement products is attracting several players to expand their product horizon and gain the competitive advantage in the global market. The leading players engaged in the global meal replacement market are spending extensively on developing new and innovative products to attract new consumers and boost their sales figures. The global meal replacement products market is highly lucrative in nature, owing to which several well-established food and beverage companies are also making efforts to enter the market and growth significantly in the near future.

Some of the prominent players who are highly active in the global meal replacement products market are Conagra Foods Inc., Unilever, Kraft Foods Inc., Jm Smucker Co., Campbell Foodservice Co., General Mills Inc., Impulse and Indulgence Products, Dole Food Co. Inc., Heinz Foodservice, Nestle USA Inc., Abbott Laboratories, Frito-Lay Co., Nutrition/Staples, and Chiquita Brands Inc.

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