Global Investors Look for Shares as Lloyds Bank Kicks-off Reporting Season

Published By : 28 Oct 2013 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

All eyes are on the Lloyds Banking Group as it initiates the third-quarter reporting season for the United Kingdom’s five huge listed banks.  


Since the economy has shown good signs to continue its recovery across the country, this particular progress has set to boost every bank’s domestic profit to an extent. However, large investment banking branches such as Royal Bank of Scotland and Barclays will be disadvantaged because of their hard trading in global financial markets. 


Furthermore, last month raising about £3.2bn for a 6 per cent stake, the Treasury unloaded its first part of Lloyds’ shares at 75p a share, with closing at 80.18p on Friday. Investors will be on the lookout for certain signs regarding the next tranche as the shares are expected to be worth at least £7bn. 


As net interest margins continue to rise, various analysts suppose that the underlying, pre-tax profit have risen from £840m to nearly £1.5bn worth of shares. 


Shore Capital’s - Gary Greenwood considers the bank’s privacy and believes the bank will not disclose its dividend policy, however, augments that it will be 1.5p a share in 2014 – which will be the first expenditure in five years time. 

Nathan Bostock, finance director and Ross McEwan, the new chief executive of Royal Bank of Scotland introduced their first set of results on Friday.


Mr McEwan’s set-piece review of business plan addresses various issues in favor of the bank. His review plan is not due until February though. Nearly after three years, for the first time this could give good news whereby bad-debt provisions sink below £1bn on a quarterly basis. On the other hand, after the declaration of the Barclay’s figure on Friday, Morgan Stanley is expecting a profit down 21 percent to £1.48bn.

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