Global Gourmet Salts Market to Witness Significant Growth in Foreseeable Future

Published By : 08 Jan 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Gourmet foods are great-tasting foods that are commonly sold at a higher price compared to the conventional foods. Special care goes in preparing these foods and they are popular among consumers due to their quality and authenticity that goes during the manufacturing, marketing, and packaging of these foods. Gourmet is a term generally used in place of premium or specialty. In the gourmet food market, the popularity of gourmet salts is rising.

The popularity of gourmet salt is rising due to the growing viewership of cookery shows. The number of cookery shows and channels in the past few years have grown significantly. Many gourmet food companies tend to tie up with these shows or channels to brand their product, increasing their popularity and awareness among consumers. Nevertheless, these salts have specific taste. By product type, the global gourmet salts market is divided into coarse salt, Himalayan Pink salt, Italian sea salt, Indian black salt, fleur de sel, sel gris, and others.

Presently, the segment of fleur de sel segment holds a major share in the global gourmet salts market. The coarse salt segment also enjoys a considerable share in the global gourmet salts market. Fleur de sel is a type of specialty salt, which is hand-harvested sea salt and collected by scraping off the top layer of salt before it is allowed to sink to the bottom of large salt pans.

Besides the rising viewership of cookery shows, the global gourmet salts market is also driven by the growing urbanization trend and the increasing westernization trends. These two trends are particularly driving the demand for gourmet salts in emerging markets. The global gourmet salts market will also benefit from the elevated adoption of convenience food in the world. Increasing hectic lifestyle, rising working women population, and urbanization are fuelling the demand for convenience food.

Another key trend that will shape the global gourmet salts market is the growing health awareness of consumers and their rising preference towards natural and healthy food. Gourmet salts are healthier compared to table salt as it contains more minerals. With so many trends supporting the global gourmet salts market, the market will enjoy substantial growth in the foreseeable future.

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