Global Dental Consumables Market Shine As Partnerships Between Leading Players Drive Growth

Published By : 01 Apr 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Over the past few years, there have been many partnerships and mergers registered between leading players and new entrants in the global dental consumables market. Many new companies entered into a partnership contract with leading players to enhance their presence in the global market. With this, the leading players are aiming to maintain their dominance as well as support new entrants to contribute better. Low labor costs coupled with the rise in the global dental tourism have contributed towards the growth of the global dental consumables market in the recent past. Going forward, the global dental consumables market is expected to be benefitted with some other factors such as minimum government intervention and low fixed infrastructure cost. 

Currently, the dental consumables market is the fastest growing market in the global medical devices industry. With many new dental consumables in the pipeline, the leading players are expected to register more demand in the years to come. Among all dental devices in the global market, dental implants are expected to receive the maximum demand. Over the short history of dental implants, the most popular choice of materials for implants was titanium. Considering the growth opportunities in the global market, more companies are expected to sign partnership contracts to increase their contribution. 

Which Dental Consumables are Expected to Gain Demand?

  • Crowns and bridges, fixed prosthetic devices act as protecting covers for the damaged tooth. With the growing pool of people undergoing root canal treatments, the demand for crowns and bridges is expected to increase.
  • The introduction of technologies such as CAM and CAD is predicted to give an opportunity for leading players to introduce new dental treatments.
  • The rising life expectancy of people across the globe is another important factor expected to contribute towards the growth of the global dental consumables market in the next few years.
  • The increased awareness about dental health and cosmetic dentistry are predicted to further benefit the global market for dental consumables in the next five years.
  • Considering the stability of the product and the usage trend, the demand for ceramic based crowns is expected to increase. 

However, the cost of dental treatments is the only factor expected to hamper the growth of the global dental consumables market.

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