Global Cyber Weapon Market to Gain Impetus from Increasing Investment by Organizations to Protect Confidential Data

Published By : 12 Apr 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Rising concerns pertaining to cyber theft and loss of confidential data have considerably increased demand for cyber weapons around the world. A cyber weapon refers to an information technology-based (IT-based) system consisting of software, communication medium, and hardware. Cyber weapons are designed to damage structures or operation of other IT-based system. These programs are often labelled as malicious programs or codes used by defense, military, and other spy organizations to infiltrate the confidentiality of target systems. 

Rising Incidence of Cyber Espionage Boosts Global Cyber Weapon Market

Hackers and programmers have been using vulnerabilities in software and zero-day exploits and to develop cyber weapons. These weapons render critical solutions when used against enemy targets. Cyber weapons are primarily designed and developed to mitigate issues pertaining to data theft, cyber espionage, and sabotage of enemy systems. Based on the key methods of use, cyber weapons can be broadly bifurcated into offensive and defensive products. The increasing focus on identifying zero-day vulnerabilities and exploits has been propelling the development of defensive and offensive cyber weapons alike. Furthermore, the increasing investment by intelligence agencies and governments around the world for establishing efficient cyber units to procure cyber capabilities is considerably boosting demand from the global cyber weapons market. 

Defensive Cyber Weapons Account for Largest Share in Global Cyber Weapon Market

In terms of revenue, the defensive cyber weapon segment accounted for the largest share in the market in 2014. Additionally, the segment is anticipated to continue dominating the market until 2021. Information technology is considered as integral part of industries such as manufacturing, aerospace, and defense. Hence, a staggering volume of data is generated on a daily basis, making it essential for companies to protect the confidentiality of information generated. 

The rising incidence of cyber espionage has necessitated the deployment of efficient security program solutions across industries. Hence, private organizations alongside governments are increasingly focusing on securing their critical infrastructure. This is poised to fuel demand from the global cyber weapons market extensively. However, it is not possible to completely eliminate the risk of cyber thefts. This in turn drives the global market for cyber weapons significantly. 

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