Global Companies Using Instagram to Hire Fresh Recruits

Published By : 12 Feb 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Presence on social media has emerged as a vital trend amongst people across the world. The growth of social media platforms has resulted in large chunks of people posting their pictures, videos, and other personal information online. To utilize this propensity of the masses, large companies and HR networks have begun using Instagram to get fresh recruits onboard. Since creative persons generally post their art via Instagram, companies would use the platform to get creatives onboard. Moreover, social media management jobs would also be offered to users who captivate the attention of the recruiters.

Engaging Ways of Posting Jobs

Companies such as Epsilon, Instamojo, and Floating Canvas Company are using the new strategy for hiring by directly reaching out to possible candidates. The companies are gradually shunning the conventional way of posting on job portals or relying on referrals. Starbucks, Schneider Electric, and Verizon are amongst the global companies that post jobs via Instagram. Startups state that the cost of hiring is reduced by 15-25% when the process is carried out via social media channels. Companies can post job opening in an innovative and engaging style through videos and puzzles. While some firms are posting direct recruitment notices, others are adopting photos and videos for the same. To exemplify, the Instagram page of Instamojo is dedicated towards showing the congenial work environment in the company.

Perks of Using Instagram for Hiring

The average age of users on Instagram ranges between 14 to 22, which makes it easy to connect with fresh graduates. Another important factor favoring this new recruitment strategy is the relatively high usage of Instagram as against Facebook and LinkedIn.

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