Global Commercial Drone Market Poised to Grow Exponentially Due to Diverse Applications across Economic Sectors

Published By : 20 Jan 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Commercial drones have been making headlines lately, due to their increasing use across industries including law enforcement, media and entertainment, infrastructure, scientific research, agriculture, and energy and power manufacturing. Of these, the law enforcement segment will exhibit the highest demand for commercial drones in the near future. From law enforcement suits to filmmaking, and from construction and building monitoring to forest fire monitoring, the demand for unmanned aircrafts, also known as drones, have exponentially increased in the past couple of years. 

Due to their meticulous design and high level of intelligence, drones are put to use across diverse tasks, particularly those that involve high risk of human life. Unmanned aircraft or drone has already emerged as the most trusted medium to perform operations such as surveillance and rescue, high altitude imaging, forest fire monitoring, filming and photography, humanitarian aid, flood mapping, product delivery, petroleum spill monitoring, and internet connectivity. 

Since its advent, commercial drone is increasingly used for wide ranging sophisticated tasks such as monitoring forest fire, environmental monitoring and mapping, hyper spectral imaging, plume dispersion and tracking, in-situ atmospheric monitoring, soil moisture imaging, and aerosol source determination. Other than the increasing adoption of this novel unmanned robotics for law enforcement activities, the demand from the commercial drone market is also rising from commercial sectors, which according to research analysts will give significant impetus to the enterprises operating in the global market for commercial drone. 

The prospects for the drone market to thrive are immense, and to capitalize on the same the most prominent enterprises operating in this market are keeping no stone unturned to research and later develop more sophisticated designs for drone. Such increasing investment for research and development of the latest technologies will fuel the demand for drones from across multiple commercial sectors. 

Regionally, Asia Pacific is exhibiting the most lucrative potential for the expansion of drones market. Both defense and commercial sectors of the leading economies of the region have demonstrated rising interest for including drone in the operations they conduct. While growth prospects for the global drone market seem impressive, enforcement of stringent government regulation citing security issues pertaining to the use of drone, may hamper the growth of the global commercial drone market to an extent.

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