Global Chilled and Deli Foods Industry Grow due to Busy Lifestyles

Published By : 16 Feb 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

A quick bite that saves the day for the busy working class is rapidly picking up pace as many do not have the time for consuming elaborate or square meals. These on-the-go meals are mostly comprised of chilled and deli foods such as meats, prepacked sandwiches, prepared salads, pries and savory appetizers. Spread over the world, the chilled and deli foods have a strong presence in the Asia Pacific region. This market has been experiencing a strong growth rate in this region due to several reasons. 

  1. Improving economic conditions in the countries of Asia Pacific are driving the chilled and deli foods market. Additionally, the demand for these types of food items is also being fueled by the growing retail industry of China and India. The increasing disposable incomes and improving GDPs are also contributing to the growth of this market.
  2. Busy lifestyles is the prime growth driver for the flourishing chilled and deli foods industry in North America. The convenience of consuming food items, without actually cooking them is also driving this market. Furthermore, these food items are also considered to be healthier than frozen food items, which is also fueling the growth of this market.
  3. The most popular category of food items are the prepacked sandwiches. The reason for the increasing popularity of this segment is the fact that these sandwiches offer a balanced diet and complete meal. Hence, many of those who do not have the time to cook complete meals opt of these food items. The second largest category of chilled and deli food items making a generous contribution to the revenue is pies and savory appetizers. These are noticed to be in high demand in emerging economies of India and China.

The global chilled and deli food items market is being dominated by several private and international players making the competitive landscape tough for new entrants.

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