Global Air Care Market Set for Expansion Due to Increasing Varieties of Air Care Products

Published By : 14 Jan 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The global air care market is expected to expand during the period between 2014 and 2021 owing to increasing number of air care products. The introduction of new varieties of air care products with odor eliminators is predicted to stimulate the global air care market in the years to come. Currently, natural air care products are in more demand as compared to the artificial air care products. Consumers prefer using air care products that offer fresh and clean fragrance. The demand for artificial air care products is expected to reduce in the years to come. 

Lack of awareness among the customers in various countries regarding the availability of different types of air care products is anticipated to restrict the growth of the global market for air care products. Even though air care has benefited a large section of the global population, the less educated population group are still not aware of its benefits. This is expected to hamper the growth of the global air care products market. The untapped market is predicted to generate growth opportunities for the global market for air care products. Geographically, Latin America and Asia Pacific are expected to be the major contributors towards the growth of the global air care products in the coming few years. 

A wide variety of innovative and odor-free air care products are expected to be introduced by the leading players across Asia Pacific and Latin America. The governments of many countries are taking efforts to enhance their research and development activities to introduce new air care products as per the changing trends. Some of the air care products expected to contribute towards the rapid growth of the global air care market in the coming five years are candle air fresheners, gel air fresheners, liquid air fresheners, spray air fresheners, and electric air fresheners.   

Leading companies such as Proctor & Gamble Co., Car Freshener Corporation Reckitt Benckiser Inc., and American Covers, Inc. are taking efforts to introduce new products to maintain their dominant position in the global market. High level of dust and pollution will add to the growth of the air care market.

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